Once they’re fitted, lingual braces feel very similar to traditional metal braces — only they’re fixed to the inside of your teeth instead of the outside.

Lingual Orthodontics
are an ideal alternative for patients seeking invisible braces such as Invisalign®, but who require more comprehensive treatment. While the decision to get braces can be daunting, at Inner West Orthodontics you’ll feel assured in knowing that we’re specially trained in working with lingual braces, alongside a wide choice of treatment options designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

While they’re extremely subtle to the eye, lingual braces can achieve the beautiful smile you want. Read on to find out if lingual Orthodontics could be an option for you.

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Lingual braces are fixed to the inside of your teeth. Just like other types of braces, you’ll need to revisit your Orthodontist every 6-8 weeks for a quick check-up. Typically, minor adjustments will be made to your braces during this appointment to ensure your teeth continue to move into the correct position.


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Lingual braces are slightly more complicated for your Orthodontist to apply, due to the fact that they’re affixed to the back of the teeth as opposed to the front surface. Because the application process is trickier, the initial application appointment may take longer than with other types of braces.

Like traditional braces, treatment using lingual Orthodontics takes an average of 18 months — although this depends on how responsive the individual patient’s teeth are, and the extent to which the they must realign. Sometimes we find that lingual treatment takes a few months longer than traditional braces do, due to the highly customised nature of the technology.

Despite this, patients are usually happy to take the extra time with lingual Orthodontics, because it means they can achieve a stunning smile without people noticing that they’re wearing braces.

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Lingual braces can cost more than traditional braces, but as with all treatments – the cost will depend on your individual case. In some instances, this price difference is negligible — and certainly worth the extra money if it makes your treatment period more comfortable and discreet.

The cost of your braces will vary based on what it takes to straighten your teeth. If you look after your braces well and are careful to avoid the wrong foods (they can cause damage to the wires of your braces), the overall treatment time may be much quicker than you expect.

Some patients opt for a combination of braces, using traditional braces on the bottom row of their teeth (where they are hidden by the lower lip), and lingual braces on the upper row (where they cannot be seen). If you wish to reduce the total cost of your treatment, this may be an option for you.

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Lingual braces are suitable for most patients. However, as they can be more difficult to clean and look after that other treatment options, they’re best for patients who are prepared to invest some extra time in caring for them.

If you like the idea of invisible braces, Invisalign ® treatment may also be an option. Invisalign ® is recommended for patients whose teeth need mild correction. But if you require more extensive Orthodontic work, you will achieve better results through lingual Orthodontics.

Lingual braces are not advised for patients with a narrow jaw, as they may cause a sense of overcrowding or irritation to the mouth and tongue.  They can also alter your speech during treatment and therefore may not be the right choice of appliance for those who are communicating often with others.

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