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People who come in for an initial consultation tend to fall into two categories: cosmetic and functional reasons.

Cosmetic reasons for Orthodontic treatment include wanting to achieve a beautiful smile, low self-esteem issues, a lack of confidence, or even an upcoming event like a wedding or career progression. One of the most frequently asked questions we have is why they need Orthodontic treatment. 

Functional reasons for Orthodontic treatment can include people concerned about the future wear on their teeth, ongoing gum problems, difficulty with cleaning their teeth & gums associated with crowded or overlapped teeth.

Having crooked teeth and a troublesome bite can lead to jaw joint problems, speech impairment, and a lack of normal chewing ability.  At times, with protruding teeth there is a potential for tooth fractures from sports or other activities.

No, it’s not necessary to see a dentist for a referral to make an appointment to come in and see us. Your Dentist might make a recommendation to you to see an Orthodontist if they have any concerns.

When you make an appointment for a consultation you will meet with our specialist Orthodontist, Dr Pistolese, to understand your concerns with your teeth. Dr Pistolese can discuss with you  treatment options that are suitable for you and which appliances can offer the best result. We also explain the ideal time to commence treatment, the length of the treatment time, and the costs involved.  Normally before starting treatment X-rays and other records are taken for a full analysis of your Dental problem.

If you are not suitable to have treatment now, we like to make appointments for 6-12 months down the track to assess when is the best time to commence treatment.

Treatment time can vary according to the complexity of each individual case, but in general we attempt to correct an average Dental problem within 12 months, followed by retention and supervision for 18 months.

People perceive having braces as a painful endeavour which can deter treatment, especially in children and teenagers. The truth is, braces are a small inconvenience for the long term mental and oral health benefits of having straight teeth and a winning smile. Rather than pain, having your Orthodontic appliances tightened will feel like pressure in your mouth as your teeth shift into their new positions. This pressure can be helped along with eating comfortable foods for your tender teeth and ensuring your oral health is perfect to reduce any pain from things like gingivitis (sensitive gums) and ulcers (sores) that can be avoided with a few tips and tricks.

The Orthodontist isn’t a scary place at all! At Inner West, our patient’s comfort level is paramount. We offer support and advice on how best to alleviate the pressure of braces and ensure you are kept in the loop with additional information through our blog which we update with handy foods and drinks to help during your treatment time.

Treatment costs depend on many different factors including the complexity of the problem, the types of appliances chosen and if other Dental Specialists are involved in the treatment of your problem, which vary from patient to patient.  

In general, we can assure you that at Inner West Orthodontics we are competitively priced. We include features such as fixed retention, long term supervision, advice regarding the wisdom teeth and help with breathing problems as standard in our quotes.   In fact, as a package, you actually save in the long run because our focus is on long-term stability.   Why not find out exactly what your treatment will cost by booking a consultation!

Yes, you can be assured that you will be solely treated by Dr Pistolese and his expert nursing team.
Yes, regular checkups with your Dentist are necessary during your Orthodontic treatment to monitor and supervise your cleaning patterns and check for gum inflammation.  An Orthodontist straightens your teeth and gives you a beautiful smile but, your Dentist is responsible for the care and maintenance of your teeth and gums during that time. Your Dentist and Orthodontic specialist will communicate throughout treatment if problems arise.

Music and Instruments: For singing or playing a musical instrument you may find you need to make a few small adjustments in your technique at first, to establish a comfortable way to play.  

Sports: If playing contact sport, it is recommended you wear a mouthguard to protect both your mouth and your braces.  As your teeth are constantly moving during the Orthodontic treatment process, we often find that an inexpensive over the counter mouth guard is adequate. You can purchase these from your local chemist and fit them yourself. As your teeth move you might need to change mouthguards for comfort. When treatment is complete we can fit you with a mouth guard for ongoing use that fits perfectly to your new smile.  

Well, it’s simply amazing what can be achieved within a short treatment time. Having Orthodontic treatment is a life changing experience, improving confidence and encouraging you to use that beautiful smile.

The patients we have treated over the past 25 years are our true success stories – as we served our community with their needs.

Our Mission here at INNER WEST ORTHODONTICS is to provide you with the best service, achieve the best outcome in the least amount of time and at an affordable and competitive price. 

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