The modern aligner that gives you your perfect smile — without anyone knowing you're even having treatment.

Invisalign® is a modern Orthodontic treatment that is discreet, flexible and used to correct issues with tooth alignment. Just like traditional metal braces, Invisalign® can address tooth overcrowding, overbite and underbite, dental spacing, and other concerns you may have with the appearance of your smile. The best part? They’re practically invisible.


Aligners are not like what you might remember as a child. With Invisalign® Aligners, your treatment will be almost invisible to those around you — so there’s no reason to feel self conscious.

Unlike metal braces (which are permanently fixed to your teeth), these Aligners are removable — giving you the flexibility to take them off while eating, drinking, or flossing. Furthermore, they allow you to keep a great dental hygiene standard throughout your treatment. Invisalign® is also more comfortable to wear than some traditional Orthodontic treatments. The clear plastic aligners we use create a smoother surface over the outer side of your teeth, which minimises the chances of friction to the mouth and gums that is sometimes seen in traditional braces treatments.


Invisible Treatment - no one will know!


Won't affect your eating and drinking


Fewer appointments with the Orthodontist


Maintain oral hygiene easily

Invisalign® utilises 3D imaging technology to develop a series of clear, custom made aligners that are used to train your teeth into their new position. Every fortnight your aligners change over to a new set of aligners that will encourage your teeth into their new positions.

You aren’t required to come into the practice to change your aligners over – we hand them over in a tidy and organised set for you to follow along at home – meaning fewer visits into the Orthodontist office. We’ll still expect to see you for updates and to check your progress is on track, but you’ll see less interruption to your schedule overall.  

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Treatment times vary between individuals, but most patients will wear Invisalign® for an average of 12 to 14 months. Invisalign® is generally a longer method of treatment than traditional braces. Invisalign® wearers often opt for longer treatment times given the added benefits of the treatments such as no limitations on eating, drinking and the subtlety of the treatment.


The full cost of Invisalign® will depend on your individual requirements. Come in and meet with Dr Anthony Pistolese at Inner West Orthodontics to discuss your ideal treatment and your desired result and discuss the cost of Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® Aligners are covered under private health insurance policies that include standard Orthodontic work.

We can set up a personalised payment plan — and because we believe Orthodontic care should be affordable and accessible to everyone, we will never charge you interest or additional fees on your repayments.

Having beautiful teeth boosts your confidence and makes you happy at any age. In fact, more than 3 million people around the world have already discovered the benefits of Invisalign® Aligners — including some of your favourite celebrities. If you’d like to know more about how Invisalign® could benefit you, contact us now to arrange a consultation with our trained and qualified Invisalign® practitioner in Sydney's Inner West. 

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