Payment Plans

At Inner West Orthodontics, everyone who walks into our door is a different person with different needs — we get it!  That's why we customise our solutions for each patient, but also offer payment plans to suit everyone.

Just as our friendly clinical team works with you to find the best solution for your smile, our office manager will help you with an affordable payment plan.

You'll be showing off your new smile in no time!


We're here to help you achieve your perfect smile! Our friendly team are passionate about providing the best service we can. That's why we've made our plans as affordable as possible for all our patients, whether adults, teenagers or children. 

All our plans feature:

  • No hidden costs
  • An interest free payment period
  • Rewards you with a discount for payment in full at commencement of treatment
  • Accepts credit cards without fees.

Furthermore we can also help you save the Initial Consultation and Records Analysis fees if you follow our advice. If you're ready to achieve your perfect smile, you can book your consultation below. 


No hidden costs.


Interest Free Payment Plans


Fee Free Credit Card Payments


Discount for complete payment at commencement.


We all notice a great smile! There's a science to spreading happiness and creating a favourable impression through a simple smile. Furthermore, many people choose to invest in their smile — for an upcoming career change, for their wedding, or for a self care, confidence booster.

With all the latest Orthodontic technology at our fingertips, we can help you find the solution that'll give you the fastest and most effective treatment — for the most cost effective path to your perfect smile. We'll also provide you with all the information to keep your smile in tip top shape for years to come. 

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