Traditional metal braces remain one of the most popular and effective choices of Orthodontic treatment available today. Modern metal braces are smaller, less noticeable and more comfortable than they were in the past. They are a very practical option for achieving that sought after smile in the fastest possible time.

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Just like all forms of braces, metal braces require some commitment in order to gain magnificent, long lasting results. But the benefits of having any kind of braces certainly outweigh any minor inconveniences associated with wearing them.

Traditional metal braces are:

  • best for difficult Orthodontic problems that require precise alignment of their teeth;
  • the fastest, most effective Orthodontic treatment available;
  • stronger and less prone to breakage than other forms of treatment, particularly good if playing a lot of sport; and,
  • easy and painless for your Orthodontist to fit to your teeth.

Fastest treatment.


Minimal breakage.


Most effective.


Easily customisable.

These days, braces are so common that you no longer stand out wearing them. In fact, many people show off their metal braces by accessorising them with coloured rings (the tiny elastics attached to the wires and brackets of the braces).

This is a great option for children as they can regularly change the colour and look of their braces (for instance, to match the colours of their favourite sporting team), or even to complement your eye or hair colour.

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While lingual braces and clear plastic aligners like Invisalign® maybe often the first choice for patients because they're invisible, they're actually not the most effective treatment for everyone.

If you need big changes to the shape of your bite or alignment of your teeth, metal braces could be the answer. They offer faster and more detailed results than clear aligners which are better suited to those experiencing mild Orthodontic concerns. Metal braces are also the cheapest treatment option.
Other types of invisible braces (such as lingual braces, which are worn on the inside of the teeth so they cannot be seen) are great, but at the same time they are more delicate to fit, more difficult to keep clean and also more expensive because of the extra time for fitting and following adjustments.

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No matter what type of braces you choose, there is always some initial tooth discomfort involved when you first get them. The pressure some patients feel as their teeth shift towards the correct position can feel strange, but rest assured that it doesn’t last longer than a few days, and that everyone with braces goes through it!

Very few people actually experience pain as a result of their braces. However, metal braces can sometimes irritate the mouth and create small ulcers on the inside of your cheeks. This will go away with time as your mouth gets used to the braces. In the meantime, we’ll provide you with some Orthodontic wax to cover any parts of your braces which are thecause.

The materials used in modern metal braces have been upgraded significantly in the last decade, making them more comfortable than ever for patients to wear.

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