Braces for Adults

Why spend another day avoiding the mirror, when you can do something about your smile?

Adult braces are not as bulky as in the past and the social stigma is gone.   These days, braces are less visable or, with Invisalign ® or lingual braces, totally invisible.  They are painless to fit and you experience little discomfort.

We have flexible payment plans to suit you which will make your treatment far more affordable than you might realise.

Considering the enormous benefits of a great smile, there's no reason to put off braces any longer.  Start today and get the smile you've always wanted!

No matter how small or how severe your concerns, at Inner West Orthodontics we can set out a treatment plan for you that will deliver the results.  We can treat most common problems with adult braces and work with other Specialists if you have special needs or have other dental health issues that need to be addressed.

What does getting married, professional development and self confidence have in common?


Most of these occur naturally in your 30's!

More and more people are taking up Orthodontic treatment to give them the smile they love.  Often it's for the career they want, those wedding photos for the mantle and the confidence to smile with their teeth.

Even adults who received treatment as teens are experiencing  the need for realignment.  This might be due to a lost and never replaced retainer, natural shifting, lost teeth or sustaining facial injury.

Nearly a third of our patients are adults seeking Orthodontic treatment - whether they are first timers, or are in for round two.

You won't be the only "grown up" in the waiting room.

So why spend another day avoiding the mirror, when you can do something about your smile?

While some people think that braces are just for kids, they might be surprised to learn that more and more frequently, we're seeing adult patients come to us for results. Braces for adults is fast becoming the normality, with increasing numbers of people realising that they no longer need to be unhappy with their smile.
These brave early adopters (as well as many celebrities who are proudly showing off their braces) have paved the way to show us that braces for adults are now a very feasible option. Perhaps the appearance of your teeth has bothered you for years, but you've only recently considered doing something about it. Or maybe you've heard about some of the new affordable orthodontic appliances available today - and suddenly it no longer feels beyond your reach.

No matter how small or how severe your concerns, atInner West Orthodontics we can set out a treatment plan for you. Some of the common issues we treat adult patients for include:

  • crooked and misaligned teeth;
  • overcrowding;
  • protruding teeth;
  • overbite, underbite and crossbite; and,
  • headaches, tooth grinding, speech impediments and other health problems caused by the position of your teeth.

We use and continue to use renowned 3M health products, Victory and Clarity braces, for their superiority in performance and appearance.


You may think that as an adult, it’s just too late for correction with braces – but that’s definitely not the case. We’ve undergone enormous advances in Orthodontic treatment over the last couple of decades — meaning that modern Orthodontic technology is more comfortable, more flexible and more discreet than ever.

With new treatments like clear Invisalign ® braces available, you can wear braces without your friends or colleagues even realising they’re there. Being shy about wearing braces is a thing of the past.

Wearing braces as an adult doesn’t mean missing out on life; while you might need to make some minor, temporary adjustments to your diet (in order to ensure food doesn’t get stuck between the wires and cause discomfort or breakage to your braces), you’ll still be able to enjoy those ‘adult’ vices like red wine or coffee. Just make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly after consuming foods or beverages which tend to stain your teeth.

Invisible braces for adults

With new treatments like clear Invisalign appliances, you can wear them without your friends or colleagues even realising they're there.  Being shy about wearing braces is a thing of the past. 

Invisalign ® treatment involves a series of clear plastic aligners (that look like a very thin mouthguard), which gradually direct your teeth into the correct position.

Invisalign ® is a great option for people who want to improve their smile, but are concerned about how braces may impact their lifestyle.  Invisalign aligners are removable for eating, they are a flexible and an extremely popular option for patients with mild to moderate dental problems.

Invisalign ® is especially popular for people with major lifestyle deadlines such as weddings, or speaking engagements where they are concerned about photos as the risk of treatment running overtime is not a problem.

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