Braces for Teens


It’s no longer a big deal to get braces for teens. In fact, with the recent advances in technology that we have available at Inner West Orthodontics, today’s teenagers are a lot better off than their parents were when it comes to straightening their teeth.

The best time to have braces for teens is shortly after your full set of adult teeth have formed, when they are most responsive to manipulation through Orthodontic treatment. While you’re never too old to get braces, having them when you’re young will result in a much faster and more simple treatment period ― meaning it will have less impact on your lifestyle.

Although many teens are excited about getting coloured braces at this age to straighten their teeth, for others it can be a nightmare - but due to popular new options such as Clear Braces or Invisalign, it's no longer a big deal to have treatment for teens.  In fact, with the recent advances in technology that we have available at Inner West Orthodontics patients just don't seem to have a problem with treatment.


Braces myths just aren't true anymore

Those common myths of the past about "Braces are Ugly"  OR  "It hurts to wear braces" OR "I won't be able to eat" are gone!

Today, modern braces are small and barely visible.  You can also choose from clear braces, lingual braces or Invisalign - so many options!

The forces to move teeth are gentle and therefore the discomfort is low and you can generally eat most things with just  little change.

The benefits of braces while you're young

The best time to have braces for teens is usually at the start of the teenage years (age 12 - 13) when you're growing rapidly and the adult teeth are formed.  There is less social embarassment at this age and the teeth move faster and quicker.

Although we hate to admit it, the way that we look has an enormous impact on our lives, and having straight teeth and a great smile adds to our confidence and enhances our self esteem.

People do notice a beautiful smile so don't hide yours - call us for a consultation with Dr Anthony Pistolese at Inner West Orthodontics today.

Treatment time can vary according to the complexity of each individual case, everyone has their own unique bone structure and alignment issues. 

We attempt to correct an average Dental problem within 12 months, followed up by retention and supervision for 18 months. 

Keep these dates in mind when planning on braces around big life events like formals, overseas holidays and exchange programs. 


You'll be provided with the schedule of appointments to fit your braces and after that we will see you every 4-6 weeks for the duration of your treatment. 

The day we fit your braces our wonderful nurses will teach you how to clean and care for your braces.  They will advise you on what to eat and they'll give you a goodie bag for you to take home too!


The most modern Orthodontic technology brings us Invisalign ® - an invisible Orthodontic treatment that is made up of removable plastic aligners that slowly move your teeth into alignment.  It's a very popular option among Adults.

Invisalign ® is an excellent option for people who experience mild Orthodontic problems and can work well in combination with fixed braces for faster results.

You can find out more about Invisalign ® Teen and whether it's the right treatment for you at your consultation appointment.

It's time for a Perfect smile.

Yours is only a short wait away!

People always notice a great smile ― so if you find you’re hiding yours from the world, book in for a consultation -  Dr Anthony Pistolese at Inner West Orthodontics is your helping hand! Simply fill in the form to the right today.