Why Orthodontic Treatment

The decision to get Orthodontic treatment such as braces is about wanting to be happier, healthier, and a more confident version of you.

A lot of people think that straightening your teeth is all about appearance, but that’s not true.  While getting braces will certainly make you feel more confident in the way that you look, they’ll also correct problems with the alignment of your teeth and jaw (which can make it difficult to eat or talk), encourage you to be more sociable and help you get the opportunities in your career that you deserve.

If you’re just starting to learn about what Orthodontic treatment is all about, here’s some of the reasons why patients decide to get it and how to go about making your smile as stunning as it can be.

Orthodontists are not the same as Dentists. While both work together to look after your smile, Orthodontists specialise in correcting structural problems in the teeth and jaw (using treatments such as braces).  Your Dentist, on the other hand, is there to manage everyday concerns with your teeth like fillings, and to maintain your overall oral health.  Seeing an Orthodontist does NOT require a referral from a Dentist. However, your Dentist might recommend you get Orthodontic treatment — in which case they will refer you to a qualified Orthodontist for an assessment.

When people are unhappy about how their teeth look, their self-esteem can seriously suffer.  We all like to laugh and look our best, and sometimes having a perfect smile is what is holding us back.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel after having Orthodontic treatment and finally getting that bright, brilliant smile you’ve always wanted?  A simple improvement in the appearance of your smile can have a monumental impact on your self-esteem — and that will help you succeed in other parts of life too, such as work and having the confidence to make new friends.

The fact is that few of us were born with a perfect smile.  But now, with modern Orthodontics, we have the opportunity to change it.

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Orthodontic treatment can fix problems like:

  • tooth crowding or crooked teeth;
  • missing teeth;
  • excessive gaps in tooth spacing; and,
  • overbite, underbite and crossbite.


It can also help with structural issues such as:

  • speech difficulties;
  • narrow jaws;
  • jaw pain;
  • mobility problems of the jaw (opening and closing the mouth); and,
  • behavioural habits such as thumb sucking and tooth grinding.

If you’re currently experiencing any of these issues, there’s no need to continue suffering through it! Orthodontic treatment is a solution that’s within your reach.



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