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Teenage health tips from a Nutritionist

Easy free exercise tips for teenagers

By Anthony August 22, 2015

It seems as though teenagers these days have more commitments and demands on their time than past generations did. It's a hectic schedule; balancing homework, exams and friends ( while also staying on top of your social media)  and leaves little time to think about what exercise is best for teens on the go!

But don't fall into the trap of thinking you're too busy to exercise. That ten minutes you spent browsing Facebook this morning before school could have just as easily been used to boost your fitness. Getting braces as a teenager doesn't mean you have to stop doing your favourite sports or classes. Plus, by setting up great fitness habits early in life, you're going to gain a lot more benefits than you might realise...


Exercise tips for teenagers - straight from the trainer's mouth

exercise tips for teens
Nick Cheadle

We joined forces with the unstoppable Nick Cheadle of Nick Cheadle Fitness, to bring you some of the best exercise tips for teenagers to get you moving in the right direction. Nick is an unstoppable fitness machine with a light hearted approach to fitness that doesn’t mean missing out on all your favourite things. Nick builds practical workouts for teenagers and adults alike!

Nick says that there's plenty of super simple, bodyweight-only workouts that you can try for free from home, and suggests the following basic routine to get the blood pumping and achieve some of those benefits of a good workout.


Home workout:

  • Squats (x20)
  • Lunges (x10 on each leg)
  • Push-ups (x10 - any variation, whether that’s full push-ups, on your knees, or a tougher version, such as with your feet elevated.)
  • Sit-ups (x10 - again, any variation you're comfortable with)
  • Chin-ups (x5 ― but you might need to build up to this one!).

Go through each exercise in a circuit, then take a 90 second break before repeating. Ideally you should aim for three rounds of the complete circuit.

Once you can do that relatively easily, it’s time to move on and add some further resistance and intensity to the routine. You can do this by adding weight resistance (for example, holding hand weights while you do lunges) and combining the circuit with cardio activity like jogging, cycling or swimming. There’s no strict formula for the perfect exercise plan; the first step to reaping the rewards of fitness is simply getting out there and moving your body. Regardless of whether it’s at home or outdoors.


Did you know that exercise also:

  • stimulates happy chemicals — exercise releases a brain chemical called endorphins, which boosts your mood and makes you feel good!
  • Improves your focus by improving blood circulation to the brain. Bear in mind this advantage in brain power will also improve your accuracy and score in video games.
  • Helps you set goals (and you'll feel great when you achieve them). This is a great skill to develop early, because it will help you in all aspects of life further down the track (from your career to your education and finances).
  • Distracts you when you're down — rather than getting mopey of upset, a bit of exercise can clear your head and perk you up when you're stuck in a negative mindset.
  • Reduces your risk of sickness by strengthening your immune system. You’ll be more resistant to colds, viruses and infections, and get over them faster when they do strike. Plus, you’ll be less likely to miss parties because you’ve been struck down with the flu.


Don't be boring with your workouts

Seriously, nobody loves going for a run or to the gym. But exercise doesn’t have to be that way. Finding the right activity that interests you, coupled with the feeling you get after you work out (due to the endorphin rush we mentioned earlier, it will leave you on a high), can actually make exercise something you look forward to.


nick cheadle exercise tips


Exercise doesn't need to be dull. In fact, there's all sorts of ways to boost your fitness while getting an adrenaline kick. Go surfing, learn to skateboard (it's way better than catching public transport anyway) or try something adventurous like indoor rock climbing or abseiling. Alternatively, link your fitness routine to your social life by joining a sports team or taking a dance class.

Don't have a favourite sport? Well now's the time to try some out ― you might be a closet superstar! Joining a sports team is a great social workout for your teenage years. Don't forget that there's plenty of mixed-gender sports teams out there as well!

You don't need equipment or even that much time to get the blood pumping; incidental exercise means taking the opportunity to be active when it arises. Like using the stairs instead of the lift, or walking to school rather than catching the bus. You can even exercise while listening to Spotify, watching Netflix or playing video games (here's a great article on how to keep fit while gaming).

Engaging in some exercise means you won't feel so guilty about plonking down in front of the TV at the end of the day. Because, hey, life's about balance.


Why should I bother exercising?

Investing in a gorgeous smile will take care of one aspect of your appearance, but don’t forget to pay attention to the rest of your body. The most obvious benefit of exercise is the impact it has on your physical appearance; not only will it help you maintain a healthy weight and build those muscles we all wish we had, it will promote blood flow and make your face glow.

Exercise also helps your body out by boosting energy levels, combating various health conditions and improving your mood. Let’s take a closer look.

Realistically, nobody is too busy to fit in some exercise ― and the boost a little hard work will give to your confidence will be invaluable. But if you’ve got other concerns with your appearance, there’s people here to help. If your smile is affecting your confidence, book a consultation with Dr Anthony Pistolese; we understand just what a hassle braces can sound like, and can show you the fastest most pain-free way to get that gorgeous smile.

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