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Get a promotion by getting braces (and a confidence boost!)

By Anthony October 8, 2015

Impressing your bosses and landing that big promotion is about more than just hard work. Of course, if you want to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder to the next level you need to cover the basics: meet your deadlines, achieve results, get along with your co-workers, be reliable and keep your skills up to date. But when it comes time to get a promotion, no matter how well we do our job... sometimes there’s something holding us back.

When employers consider a candidate for a promotion, they also take into account the confidence that person exudes. They might not even realise that this judgement is impacting their decision. So if your self esteem isn’t as positive as it could be due to issues with your teeth or the alignment of your jaw (such as speech problems), you might find yourself at a disadvantage. Fortunately, adult braces can help you overcome this obstacle quicker than you realise.


Why does smiling help you get a promotion?

Numerous studies have explored how the use of dental and orthodontic treatment to achieve perfect teeth plays a key role in a person’s professional success. Those with straight, attractive teeth are perceived as happier, smarter, more dateable and more employable. A British study found that having white teeth created a perception that people earned higher levels of income, and some research has gone further to indicate that people with better teeth do, in fact, earn more (and we don’t just mean Hollywood superstars).

The higher levels of confidence and friendliness that people with great smiles project go a long way to explaining this phenomenon. But apart from the cosmetic advantages, there’s a range of health benefits that a beautiful smile creates — and these can also influence your success in the workplace.

For example: if you suffer from misaligned teeth, you’ll be more likely to suffer from plaque build-up and yellowing, bad breath, gum disease and continual trips to the dentist to have fillings. That’s because crooked and overcrowded teeth are much more difficult to clean, and tend to get particles of food stuck between them more frequently — ultimately leading to such problems.

Not only can this disrupt your work life, it can lead to embarrassing or negative reactions from your colleagues.


Adult braces for a life long confidence boost

Braces aren’t just for children and teenagers. These days, more and more adults are choosing to get modern braces, which are far more advanced than the options which were available when they were younger. Braces are now more lightweight, comfortable and cosmetically-friendly — so you don’t have to feel burdened by a mouth full of metal.

If you have concerns about the state of your smile and think they may impact on your professional development, adult braces could be right for you. Some of the different types of braces available include:


Invisalign ® braces

Invisalign treatment involves a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. Aside from being virtually invisible, they provide patients with the flexibility to eat, drink and floss without worrying about their braces getting in the way.

Invisalign tends to work a little faster than regular braces (in some cases, total treatment time can take under 6 months) — which make them an excellent option for those wanting to plan ahead and fix their teeth in time for a promotion opportunity. However, they work best on those who have milder concerns in the alignment of their teeth and jaw, and may not be suitable for everyone.


Ceramic braces

Made from tooth-coloured ceramic and clear brackets, ceramic braces are less noticeable than more traditional styles of braces. If you need more significant treatment than a system such as Invisalign can provide, ceramic braces can offer the next best alternative. They also enable the teeth to move more rapidly into the correct positioning.


Traditional braces

For more severe cases where significant realignment of the teeth is required, traditional metal braces may be the most sensible option. Metal braces have come a long way over the last couple of decades — resulting in treatments that are lower profile and less cumbersome than ever before. They often offer a faster treatment time to achieving a perfect smile.


Lingual braces

Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal ones, but are fixed to the underside of your teeth — meaning nobody will know you’re wearing them. Again, they are a good option if you’re concerned about wearing braces in public. On the other hand, they can be trickier for your orthodontist to apply, and may require additional care when cleaning because they are harder to reach. 

Are you looking to take a leap in your career, but worry your confidence could hold you back? Now is the time to change that, and unlock the opportunities you deserve. Contact us now to arrange a consultation with Dr Anthony Pistolese, and find out just how close you could be to smiling your way to success.


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