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Your Guide To Getting Wedding Ready On A Timeline

By Amy November 28, 2016

Everyone wants to look and feel their very best at their wedding. Truth is, getting wedding ready isn’t all about hitting the gym or whipping up a bridal workout plan — though that’s one helpful step. It’s about taking care of your body by pursuing a healthier life, so ultimately you can unwind, celebrate and make the most of your big day.

Once you’ve got your wedding date set, your timeline is in place. To help you achieve your goals and get “wedding fit” on a timeline, we’ve compiled a quick guide!


Tips for getting wedding ready on a timeline


1. Start small, eat well and ditch the junk


When it comes to any lifestyle change, the key to success is building small, achievable habits into your daily routine – so quick and easy that they become a ‘no-brainer’ choice you make on autopilot.

As such, it’s best not to ‘diet’ restrictively, but rather aim to eat healthier. Start with baby steps; reducing portion sizes, or replacing one chocolate bar with some superfood berries each day, for instance. The aim is healthy and sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

That said, in the week before the wedding, avoid foods that cause bloating or water retention – such as salty foods, excessive carbs and junk food.



2. Fact: exercise is more fun with friends


Unless you’re after dramatic weight loss, it’s best to take on fun, low impact training rather than a gruelling time-intensive exercise regime.

Truth is, the most fun you can make your exercise routine, the more likely you’ll stay motivated to keep going. You might even like to pick up a class or a morning run routine with a few friends, and make it a group endeavour! Finding enjoyment in them will also help you to keep going strong, even in those dreaded winter months.

Great exercises for toning and leaning up include yoga, light weights and dance classes.



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3. You need food and so does your skin


You are what you eat! Just as your diet determines a lot about your general health, so the case is with your skin. It’s crucial to start those small “diet changes” for your skin early on and settle into a new routine. If you’ve discovered a new body scrub that you love, or a moisturiser that’s to die for, make sure you start using it early on. Drastic changes to your skincare routine last minute can be a shock for your skin!



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Visiting a dermatologist will help you to diagnose any ongoing skin issues you have, such as acne or eczema. Some treatments require multiple sessions over several months, so if you’ve got a wedding date in mind, it’s time to book your appointment! You may also like to schedule in regular microdermabrasion sessions for that radiant bridal glow.

Experimenting with different self-tanning products early on is also good, to avoid those awkward streaks and orangey hues too close to the big day.


'Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.'

Coco Chanel


4. Bring on the beauty routine


One beauty routine, three words: treat yourself right. As part of your getting wedding ready roadmap, invest some love into self care. Something as simple as getting enough sleep each night has incredible benefits for your general health — no more dark circles too!

With a wedding day to plan, it’s time to bring on the beauty routine. Getting wedding ready is a year round effort, because it’s crucial to factor in those seasonal variations in your beauty regime – this means extra hydration during winter and religiously applying sunscreen in summer.

Stocking up on your favourite holy grail beauty products is also a great investment, especially in the festive season while sales are big. You might even like to plan out your year ahead, by booking ahead for all the appointments you want to have, including:

  • Seeing an eyebrow specialist a good six months’ prior to the big day to get your brows in shape.
  • Seeing an expert for placing any eyelash extensions you might like — a month before the big day is a good time, allowing time for recovery should you have an adverse reaction. You should also leave time for touch-ups a few days before the wedding.
  • Getting waxed up to 72 hours before the wedding – but with a trial run earlier on if you’re new to waxing.




5. Show off your bright pearly whites


A dazzling smile is a non-negotiable accessory for any bride! The good ol’ twice daily floss and brush is the cornerstone of dental health, however there are more ways to keep those pearly whites in tip top shape. Professional cleaning and whitening in the fortnight before your wedding will make your pearly whites shine.

Many soon-to-be-brides wear braces in the lead-up to the big day to make sure their teeth are perfectly straight for those all-important wedding photos. It’s always important to find the right braces for your lifestyle, goals and wedding prep timeline – from transparent Invisalign to metal braces fast tracked in time for your wedding.


(Wedding) Ready, Set, Go!


The earlier the better is a great motto for a lot of things — planning and beauty routine included! With the end of year rapidly approaching, the new year is also a fresh start for your self-care and wedding preparation alike.

If straightening your smile is on your list for getting wedding ready, then checking your options out early is a big win — many treatments often take time to have the best effect.

For all those looking to perfect your smile for the big day, we’ve compiled a guide to help you get the ball rolling. Download your free copy of our Wedding Smile Guide below!


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