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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Long Engagement NOW!

By Amy November 9, 2016

An engagement is always a cause for celebration. It’s an exciting step towards a new life together! Though for those whose weddings are months and years down the track, sometimes the thrill seems to ebb over time.

Throwing a party is one thing — but when it's over, then what? You're looking at a long time of planning with plenty to do. How can you get organised and use the time wisely to make your wedding day as beautiful as ever, while still feeling ‘bridal’ along the way? We’ve gathered some fun ways to celebrate your engagement, to help you embrace those warm and fuzzies all year long!


So, What are 6 Things You Can Do Now To Celebrate Your Long Engagement? Like, Today - NOW!


1. Treat Yourself

First things first – time to treat yourself! With all that “wedmin” (wedding administration) to plough through, it’s important to invest in a thorough pampering. Slip on some cozy slippers, grab your friends for pizza and a Netflix binge, try out a new facial and splurge on a fun nonessential. Whatever your ultimate pamper session looks like, it’s worth a day for booking out. Just. For. You.



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Alternatively, if you chose to skip out on the engagement party altogether and are wondering how to celebrate an engagement without a party or any formal celebration – here’s the perfect answer! Planning a romantic weekend away with your fiancée is the perfect choice for ensuring you both get some down time. The aim is to feel refreshed and rejuvenated before you get stuck into wedding planning.


2. Work On Your Wedding Smile

Another way to make the most of your long engagement is to get your smile wedding perfect! With time on your side, the niggling question of whether to have your teeth finally fixed for a straighter, more dazzling smile can seem like a no-brainer – and there are many unsung advantages for adult braces wearers.

Depending on your time frame and needs, you may opt for Invisalign or fast-tracked braces to make your smile perfect for the big day.


3. Start Small Changes Now For A Healthier Lifestyle

The beauty of a longer engagement is you have far more time to dedicate to your fitness, health and beauty journey. Your personal transformation means building small sustainable changes into your lifestyle, so you can go the long haul with a happier and healthier life. Ultimately, you just want to make sure you look and feel glamorous on the big day!

Truth is, making all those changes successful is all in starting small – you could try:

  • Drinking a glass of water when you wake up each morning
  • Doing squats or other quick exercises while you’re waiting for your morning toast
  • Trying some “deskercise” — it’s more fun than you think!
  • Pacing while you’re on the phone
  • Taking the stairs on the way to work

Of course, making healthy lifestyle changes is always made more fun with the company of friends. Trying out a new yoga class together with some good friends is a great way to have some fun and get fit!



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4. Remember Those Moments

Perhaps the best way to celebrate an engagement and the process of preparing for your wedding is to document the special moments. Start your own personal scrapbook, album or even a dedicated folder on your computer to document and save all the special moments of your engagement and wedding planning. Moments like visiting the venue, trying on the dresses for the first time, or booking the honeymoon — they’re all part of the journey of going from proposal to wedding day.

After all, amidst all the wedding preparation, the lead-up to your new life together can go by in the blink of an eye. With a collection of memories like this in hand, in future years you’ll cherish this personal archive of this hectic yet joyful period.


5. Shop Around

With the luxury of time up your sleeve, you have more scope to research and get things perfect for your special day — everything down to the smallest details. You’re less likely to face wedding planning fatigue, or stress that you’ll have to rush your bookings to get the best vendors. Lucky you!

A long engagement means you have time to REALLY shop around for the perfect wedding venue, photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, florist and more. What’s more, booking your vendors well in advance can save money, helping you lock into or negotiate lower prices. You’ll also have more time to save for the honeymoon — win, win!



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6. Enjoy The Long Engagement

With plenty of time between now and the wedding, give yourself the space to really enjoy planning and preparing for not only the big day itself but also your future life together. It’s not just the pre-wedding period, after all, but also an opportunity to enjoy your last window of ‘me’ time. This prolonged period to prepare for married life is one of the biggest pros of a long engagement.


And So The Wedding Planning Begins...

Your wedding is one of the special days of your life. Preparation and planning in the lead-up to it will help you to make the most of every moment once the big day arrives – and with a long engagement, you have the opportunity to get everything just perfect!

We’ve worked with countless brides and grooms to be, who want spread the smiles all around on their big day. For all those on the road to walking down the aisle, check out our free guide below — full of helpful insights and tips for making sure your smile shines!


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