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Summer beauty essentials for Aussie brides to be

By Amy December 16, 2016

Every bride is beautiful, and it’s no secret that most women look their absolute best on their wedding day. However, not everyone realises getting that radiant bridal glow and a stunning smile means having a trusted beauty routine in the works long before your big day.

Introducing any new products to your routine too late in the game can cause problems on the way, such as irritation from new skincare, breakouts from harsh foundations or streaky self tanning results — and no one wants that stress!

Whether your wedding is in a few weeks or next summer, now is the time to discover the right beauty routine to add some glow and glam to your look. Here are our top pre-wedding beauty tips!


The beauty routine all brides need for a summer wedding


Daily skincare and self care essentials


Prepping your skin for the wedding day starts now. There’s no shortcut to glowing skin, but by adopting the right habits early on, your skin will thank you come the big day.

A nutritious and balanced diet well in the lead-up to the wedding is non-negotiable for any bride wanting to look and feel amazing on her big day. Omega oils and calcium are essential for healthy skin, and incorporating more superfoods into your diet can make a huge difference over time. Drinking plenty of water is also essential for hydration and flushing out toxins.

Depending on your skin type, it’s best to exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of any dry or dead skin. This should be followed immediately by moisturiser as soon as you get out of the shower to maximise absorption, particularly during your winter skincare regimen, and don’t forget to moisturise your body too!

Other must-have daily habits include:

  • Applying an evening skin cream and lip balm for overnight rejuvenation
  • Tackling any problem areas (such as acne or crow’s feet) with targeted products according to your dermatologist’s advice
  • Flossing — because beauty isn’t just skin-deep!
  • Wearing retainers, for those perfecting their teeth before the big day



Your ultimate pre-wedding beauty plan

The sooner you map out your beauty plan, and find a routine that your skin loves, the better. You need to identify and address any issues (such as dryness, oiliness or sensitivity) well in advance, with the right beauty routine for your skin type.

Last-minute beauty treatments are too risky — even starting a regime of regular facials a few months out from the big day is a big no no, potentially risking breakouts.


12–6 months before the big day

If you have any skin issues like acne, eczema or uneven pigmentation, it’s best to see a dermatologist as soon as you can — ideally 12 or more months before the big day — as some treatments take months.

Draw up a pre-wedding beauty plan building on your regular skincare regimen, incorporating additional weekly scrubs, masks and deep conditioning treatments, and beauty appointments such as all the monthly facials, microdermabrasion and other treatments brides-to-be can guiltlessly splurge on. You may also like to include other sessions such as appointments for hair, nails, waxing, personal training, make-up test runs and orthodontic check-ups to stay on track.


6–3 months before the big day

Now is also the time to experiment with potentially risky beauty options such as eyebrow styling and hair colouring or style changes (although we’d recommend keeping it conservative enough that any errors will be easy to fix).

You should also use this time to try out different self-tanners to find the best one for you, so you can avoid orange, streaky, uneven fake tan debacles on the big day.


The month of the wedding

Now’s the time for your hair and makeup trial run — remember to bring along any veils or headpieces.

This is also a good time for a professional bleaching, and cut down on the tea and coffee, to whiten your teeth for the big day.

Remember, even innocuous wedding events like cocktails on the hen’s night and sweet treats for the bridal shower comes with risks — if you've been on a detox and you hit the champagne or sugar, you might see a flare up in your skin.

A fortnight or so before the big day, you’ll also want to get your final hair trim and touch up your colour.


The week of the wedding

Not long ‘til wedding bells are ringing! The week of the week is the time to shine — book out time to invest in your self care:

  • Pre-wedding waxing is in order to prep for not only the wedding but also the honeymoon!
  • Enjoy one final facial a week out from the wedding — using products your skin has already long adapted to
  • Consider a massage to help ease out the stress and jitters of the impending nuptials.
  • Prep a day-of beauty bag for both yourself and your bridesmaids for emergency touch-ups — think bobby pins, hairspray, blotting papers, anti-sweat deodorant, your eyeshadow colours and a classic MAC lipstick that’ll make you feel fabulous all day long.
  • A deep conditioning treatment for your hair is also recommended this week, as is a professional mani-pedi.
  • Finish up with a rejuvenating bath the night before the big day!



Beauty tips for the big day

One of the most important summer wedding makeup tips to keep in mind is less is more. While you will want extra definition to emphasise your eyes and lips for the wedding photographs, overly heavy, oily or dramatic makeup won’t look ideal in the summer sun — and may not last the entire day.

Other summer wedding beauty tips to make sure you’re a stunning bride include:

  • Apply a primer or light lotion before the foundation to prep your skin and prevent your makeup from melting in the heat.
  • Set your makeup with powder (except on your cheeks) to absorb any excess oil.
  • Once your makeup is finished, lock it in place with a setting spray.
  • Fight the sweat and summer heat by freshening up your eyeshadow, lip colour and face powder throughout the day.


The wedding day

Your wedding day is a special day — so make the most of every moment. Through all the stress of organising a big event, finding a relaxing and rejuvenating beauty routine is also a great way to unwind and treat yourself!

Beautiful skin isn’t the only factor that can make you feel a million dollars on your big day — a dazzling smile is another wedding must-have. Why not perfect your pearly whites in time for those all-important wedding photos, with Invisalign or fast-tracked braces in time for your wedding? Find your ideal solution today by chatting with our team. 

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