How To Build Confidence By Improving Your Self Image

How To Build Confidence By Improving Your Self Image

Another year begins, and once again we come face to face with what we like about ourselves and what we want to change. While it’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions to cut down on unhealthy foods and to exercise more, improving self image is about more than how we appear to others. It’s about improving the way we see ourselves, and accepting what we can’t change.

If you’re not feeling confident and comfortable in our own skin, that’s something you can change. Never underestimate the importance of self confidence! It really can improve every aspect of your life and make you happier and more successful in the long run. Here are some real ways you can invest in your own self image, and give your confidence a boost this New Year.


7 Fresh Ways For Improving Self Image


Stay positive

People often wonder how to build confidence and self esteem but talk themselves out of doing anything about it. Instead, take inspiration from the old Johnny Mercer song lyric:

You’ve got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

Focusing on what you want and setting realistic goals for yourself is important, but you’ll never reach your destination without an optimistic frame of mind. For instance, crooked teeth could be making you feel less confident in your career and relationships. Find a solution, take action, and focus on the positive outcome! Use that positivity to overcome any negative thoughts that get in your way.


Practice self care

Self care is about doing things that help you maintain physical, mental and emotional health. This can mean anything from exercise to meditation, eating well or simply reading a book. What’s important is that it’s an activity that helps you feel healthy and relaxed. It doesn’t matter how long you do it for either. It could be a few minutes every day or it could be a few hours — the key to practicing self care is consistency.



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Sleep your way to a healthier you

Not getting enough sleep can make us feel lethargic, cranky and less confident. It can also have serious long term effects on our health, like increased blood pressure and stress levels. Find ways to wind down, relax and work with your body’s natural sleeping rhythm. This small lifestyle change can have big results; leaving you feeling more fresh, positive and ultimately more confident in tackling whatever the day throws at you.


Declutter your brain

What’s a restful sleep without a peaceful mind? A cluttered state of consciousness makes us restless and preoccupied; often focusing on many things but accomplishing very little. You can clear away the clutter by prioritising items and activities you want to focus on and kicking those stray thoughts and ideas to the curb. Pack them away in a journal if need be. And while you’re at it, clean up your physical environment — physical clutter can affect your mood in a negative way.


Try something new

Kick off the new year by treating yourself!

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Splurge on a new outfit or hairstyle; something tangible that reminds you that you’re making progress. After all, looking good means feeling good! Even a small change can have a big impact, like wearing bright colours to lift your mood, or simply wearing clothes you feel comfortable in.


Develop a habit

...that’s constructive and helps you grow. A new habit could be anything from writing lists, going for a 10 minute walk every morning before work, or simply waking up a bit earlier. The most important part of developing a habit-forming activity is to make sure it’s something that’s easily achievable. But remember: it may take up to two months for the activity to become a habit, so you’ll need to stay disciplined and stick with it.



Smiling may sound like a trivial suggestion, especially if you're not in the mood; but the science shows that it really does work when learning how to build confidence and self esteem. Smiling is a simple way to tell your mind to think positively, and projecting those good feels out to others as well. Even if you feel unhappy about the current state of your smile, you can do something about it! Contemporary adult braces are affordable, low-profile and can get you those perfect pearlies in a matter of months.


New Year, New You

While starting new habits, trying new things and embracing opportunity are never easy things to do, there's no better time to start than right now! Grab your good friends and share your journey with them — going through it together will help you make 2017 your Best. Year. Yet!

Looking for more tips on how to improve your self image? We’ve gathered all your healthy living and self care essentials into a free downloadable healthy living guide. Grab your copy today!


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